1. a skilled user of words.

Thabiso Nkoana aka wordsmith is a performing poet and writer. We have colaborated with wordsmith on many a project but today we’re going to be sharing with you two of our collaborations.

‘for the poets’

‘pot of gold’

GoRD | garments of rare distinction

We have had the pleasure of working with soul founder and creator of GoRD Ms Tsidi Ramofolo numerous times and each time we leave her presence feeling inspired. GoRD is hugely focussed on the environment and has a range focussed around recycling from nik-nak and lays chip packets to iwisa super maize meal sacks; these backpack and handbags are bound to make a statement and are a great conversation starter.

GoRD also has a dutch wax range of bomber jackets, skirts, trousers and above that can custom make anything your heart desires.

naftali of the royal family

Born in Pretoria Naftali has always been inspired by music, always participating in school concerts. As his musical talents grew it became more and more apparent that his voice was something unique and special, fusing together styles from South, West and East Africa.

Naftali of the Royal Family is the fusion of different musicians and musical styles. Sibusile Xaba being one part of the Royal Family joined Naftali on a country wide tour, his weapon is music..

metere de scotche | master of the scotch

Metere de Scotche is a proudly South African company that makes knitted clothing, founded in 2006. We caught up with founder of Metere De Scotche, Nametsegang Goitsemodimo who showed us a little behind the scenes of him creating his jersey’s as well as the backstory of Metere De Scotche.


“Technically I’m a third generation jersey make, my grandmother was a jersey maker, my mother is a jersey maker and I’m a jersey maker I mean this sh*t runs in my blood man” Metere DeScotche